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Noah Winningham || Owner, Creative Director
designbot@killbotdesign.com || Phone: 719.331.8477

I love science fiction and the notion that machines will eventually turn on humanity to overthrow their masters. Killbot is my tongue-in-cheek reference to those killer robots, patiently waiting for their time to rule the world.

I have spent over eighteen years honing my craft by exceeding the demands of the highly-competitive live music industry, while nurturing a wide variety of clients including restaurants, cannabis, fitness, labor, publishing, talent, law, and more. I offer distinct visual images and brand identity systems that capture the attention of your target market, to make you stand out in the crowd. Your brand is your handshake. It is your first impression. Let me help you make it a good one. – Noah


High Impact Image Creation
Logo Creation
Company Branding
Poster Creation
Book Cover Creation
Album Artwork
Website Design and Building

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